The Elk Grove Writers Guild is a group of authors interested in building a community of serious  writers. 




  • To provide a place and format where writers can talk to other writers about writing.

  • Beta-read member manuscripts, and critique shorter works or chapters of works in progress.

  • Promote better writing through sharing knowledge and experiences.

  • Open membership to all genres, writing styles, and associated professions.

  • Meetings are held on the first Friday of the month. To join the EGWG, the first visit is free and the yearly fee is $20.00. Contact Penny Clark at turlockpenny@yahoo.com for any questions you have regarding the meetings, including the location of the next meeting.


Loy Holder

Conference Manager

Writes Romantic thrillers

George Hahn

Conference Systems

Writes Science Fiction

Penny Clark

Conference Accountant

Writes Mystery and Fantasy

Jacquelyn Canoose

Conference Marketing

Writes Crime, Mystery, and Children's books

Event: Elk Grove Writers Conference:


The Elk Grove Writers Conference 2018 is over, and was a huge success. We received many emails from attendees and presenters attesting to the value of the program the Elk Grove Writers Guild put on. For more information and pictures of the event, click here. Bookmark this page and check occasionally for more news from the Guild, including plans for a possible future conference.


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