Who is the Elk Grove Writers Conference Literary Agent?

Meet D. Patrick Miller, Agent and Founder of Fearless Books and Literary Services, our new addition to the Elk Grove Writers Conference Cast.  He’s a veteran magazine journalist with 200 + articles in print or online, and a dozen books published. He has provided manuscript evaluation and editing for major publishers, agents, and hundreds of writers. As an author or editor, he has worked on books published by Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Warner, John Wiley & Sons, William Morrow, Doubleday, Hay House, Hampton Roads Publishing, and New World Library. After working in almost every other aspect of publishing, Patrick began providing professional representation in 2015. His full range of services can be seen at www.fearlessbooks.com/Literary.html.

What will Patrick do at the Elk Grove Writers Conference on 10/27/2018?

Patrick Miller will do approximately 12 “Pitch To An Agent” appointments between 10:40 AM and 4:00 PM at the Holiday Inn, 9175 W. Stockton Blvd., Elk Grove in a glassed-in conference room separate from the main conference activities.

What is a “Pitch to an Agent” Appointment?

A pitch is basically an oral version of a query letter, but with human interaction. Be excited about your project. Excitement is infectious.

What can you expect from Patrick and your appointment?

Patrick will tell you whether your idea is viable for representation, would be better suited for independent publication, or that you need to go back to the drawing board for further development. In a 15-minute window, he won’t have time to read manuscripts, with the exception of brief queries or cover letters.

How do I prepare for my “Pitch” appointment?

Summarize your book in one sentence and strategize how to use your 15 minutes. Do you want to focus on the plot, your characters, yourself? Talk about your book’s marketing potential.  If it’s non-fiction, give your background and credentials on the subject. If it's fiction, and you’ve been published before or won contests, tell him.

How do I sign up for a “Pitch” appointment with D. Patrick Miller?

It’s easy, but first you must be registered for the conference.  In www.egwg.org, click on the Registration Link to register. Then send an email to Loy Holder, elkgrove.writersguild@aol.com and say you want to be signed up for a “Pitch” appointment. You will receive a return response confirming you’re signed up and the time of your appointment. JUST DO IT!! Great experience.