Congratulation, kudos, and thanks to all of you! I hope you'll have the energy to do it again, sometime.
Thank you for a terrific conference.  It was my first, and I’m so happy I went.  I learned so much and met wonderful people.
Enjoyed the Conference greatly. It was a great help to add to my writing.
Thanks, again, to you and your team for putting on an outstanding event.
Great event! Thoughtfully conceived, flawlessly executed, and the quality of the speakers was consistently high.

Feedback on Conference

The Book Store

Some of Our Volunteers

Linda Joy Singleton
Michele Drier
Brian Paone
Dorothy Rice and Janet McHenry

Q & A Session

Chuck Woods
Catriona McPherson
Elk Grove Mayor
Steve Ly

The Presentations

Cheryl Stapp and Gini Grossenbacher
Self-publishing vs. Traditional
M L Hamilton, Cindy Sample, and Amy Rogers
The Elk Grove Writers Guild is pleased to report that its first event was a great success. The conference sold out early and attendees and presenters were generous in their praise.  From the check-in desk to the keynote address, the presentations, and the final Q & A session, problems were few and satisfaction was broad.
Our thanks go out to our enlightening presenters, our hard-working volunteers, our generous donors, and the staff of the Holiday Inn for their vital support in making the conference a success.


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